Mada (Abimana Aryasatya), the main character in Haji Backpacker, based on the novel of the same name by Aguk Irawan, knows firsthand about how bad expectations can be, especially when talking of the kindness of a spiritual deity known as God. He grows up in a Muslim family. His parents are devoted to Islam. Since early childhood, Mada has been taught by his mother (Pipik Dian Irawati) how to read the Koran. Mada loves God, as his parents always teach him that if he “keeps on praying to Allah and shows his devotion, he will be blessed and will have everything he could possibly want”. Tragedy then strikes. His loving mother passes away. Mada cannot comprehend why Allah has taken his mother away but he keeps his faith. Mada becomes a young man who is in love with Sophia (Dewi Sandra). He tells her how he feels and she accepts it.  “I have prayed to God and He tells me we are going to have a wonderful marriage,” Mada says gleefully to Sophia, who smiles and weeps as her man turns away. On their wedding day, Sophia flees for no reason. Heartbroken, Mada demands answers from God. Mada’s subsequent search takes him across nine countries — from Thailand to Saudi Arabia. Now a backpacking traveler, Mada lives the “you-only-live-once” lifestyle. He gets wasted all the time and he has no hesitation in fighting or even killing anyone who bothers him. - 

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It give me chills and my nose hurt from a sudden cramp and eventually burst into tears. 
That is what I can describe about this movie. I was moved by the story and its still fresh in my mind. Haji Backpacker is really something! Thanks to Astro on the go, I can watch movies online whenever I'm free(I have exam tomorrow!)

I learnt Philosophy in my Foundation and my lecturer always tell me that learning philosophy is a way to find god, the truth. I have second thought and he said that its okay and now I believed him, this movie had inspired me and open my eyes, my heart too to learn more and be a better Muslim. I am proud! The movie also inspired me to travel more, see the world. I always wanted to travel, its just that I don't have the guts and this movie is giving me the courage to do it! 

Haji Backpacker overall is... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! For you backpacker's, traveller or traveller to be(me!) you should definitely watch it. It enrich the soul and mind! Thank you mister director Danial Rifky, great minds!  I don't want to write more, I'm afraid that I will spill the beans to much. haha Do watched it and you'll know! 


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