Hello! So I went shopping the other day, I mean i went online shopping on Zalora! It was my first experience to shop at Zalora. Zalora is pretty cool i might say, it super easy and fast to deal with. Ive pickup a couple of things and A shoe for you guys too!(read till the end to find out more about the giveaway)

Lets get on with it!

A return slip for you if something when wrong. Cool!


New Purse!


 Love the new stuff from Zalora! You guys can check it out more HERE!

The Giveaway!

1. Open for Malaysian ONLY! (Sorry for my International reader)
2. Must be 18 or ask your parents permission.
3. The shoe size is size 39! Pls check your size, Im so sorry again bcus i was in a rush to buy them.
3. Follow the step below and YOU ARE DONE!
This is what you are going to be winning!

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Go For It

Hello world! I was searching for converse high top and then i come across something. It interest me and I just go for it. Here you go...

1. The meaning behind my URL
Mine is Fword because F is for Fashion, My name is Fyah and word is like my word on what i think. When it combine it sound something like forward means fashion forward! 

2. A picture of me
This is when i was 15 i think :P

3. Why I love my bestfriend
I don't know actually, we don't even have anything in common but we love each other company and fun to talk to and be serious to. Yup!

4. Last time I cried and why
Its was last year on my study week, i just reach home from my uni and that morning my mom wake me up and told me that dad's in the hospital and in a critical condition. I though i was going to lose him but Alhamdulillah my dad is now healthier than ever.

5. Piercings I have
Only 2 on my ears.

6. Favourite Band
I don't have fav fav because every band that i listen is my Fav. Hahahha

7. Biggest turn off(s)
Drama queens and bitches.

8. Top 5 (insert subject)

  1. Devils wears Prada
  2. Bags and shoe!
  3. Assignments
  4. waiting for something
  5. Idk

9. Tattoos I want

10. Biggest turn on(s)
Someone try to make me smile or laugh.

11. Age
19 in 2015

12. Ideas of a perfect date
The cliche one like going to dinner and watch a movie or picnic at the park.

13. Life goal(s)
Happy and Rich

14. Piercings I want
I really want piercing on my upper lips!

15. Relationship status
loner zzz

16. Favorite movie
An Education and Haji Backpacker!

17. A fact about my life
I always end up being alone eventho i have many friends :(

18. Phobia

19. Middle name
Nur (Light)

20. Anything you want to ask
Is he really exist?


Win Iphone 6 & Chromebook from DealHero!

Wanna win an Iphone 6 or a Chromebook? Now is the chance! DealHero is doing a giveaway and they are giving away An Iphone 6 and A Chromebook. Yep that's right, there 2 winner. How exciting right?!

How to enter? Easy!

1. Go to this link DealHero Giveaway!
2. Answer a simple question qualify.
3. submit your email address to verified that you have enter and Don’t forget to CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL 
4. Once you done that, you have confirm an entry. To get more entry, just shared it with your friends at twitter, Facebook etc.
5. All the best and goodluck guys!

P/s: The giveaway ends February 09, 02:00AM UTC . 8 DAY MORE!


Fashion Tips 101


The fashion industry is always changing its trends from one thing to another and it can be really hard for women to keep up. Some may try their best to keep in track while others stop following the trends all together. Because of this, this group of women will tend to make fashion mistakes in their wardrobe without even realizing it at all. There are many fashion mistakes that women keep making and should stop repeating all together. 

One of the most popular fashion mistakes that women kept making is over-accessorizing their outfits.  Accessories are great to spice up your wardrobe but wearing too much of it can definitely jeopardize your whole look. Avoid the crowded appearance by going simple and light with the needed accessories only. 

The second fashion mistake which women should stop repeating is wearing the leggings with a short top. Leggings can be designed with a stretchy transparent fabric and it is not a nice sight when someone else could see your underwear through them. The best way for women to solve this issue is by wearing a long top which covers the back of your legging pants.  Leggings are the perfect pants which can enhance your legs but wearing it the wrong way is definitely a NO-NO. Leggings are known to be a casual wear for women especially on their lazy day outs but sometimes it can turn out the wrong way. 

Another fashion mistake is wearing a tight buttoned shirt when you step out of the house. It is nice that you want to wear a piece of clothing which can enhance your curves but if the shirt is too tight until the buttons looks like they are about to come off, it definitely is not a good look. NOO!

Now, you ladies can head over to ZALORA to avoid making this mistakes over and over again! They offer an extensive fashion collection online from various local and international brands! Yey