Stressing out!

Hi everyone! I just need to write something oh yessss. From the above title, you know im really stress. This is because FINALS is coming! I finished submitting and presenting all my assignment today( eh, wait! still have one, A video ughhhh) sort of. Last month was pretty pack and i was so busy with school. I did not get any sleep nor break, 24/7 finishing my papers. BUT thank god this semester is all group assignments so i was not that stress. 

Enough of that stress things, lets move to a more life updates shall we? okay, where do i start? Married life? Its okay tho...for me. Many of my friend ask about this, i always answer the same thing. Its okay and thats it. it is really fun actually to get married at such young age where i myself, 'not mature' at all. I learn a lot actually eventho its only been 6 month married. There is ups and downs of marriage i have to say. Lets just pass the bad stuff cus different people experience different things. And im not complaining or anything, but from that bad stuff i learn from my mistake. So its fine actually. Actually its normal! So dont worry. My husband is really nice and loving. Bless to have him
The best part of being married that, you always have someone to support you. In any situation, that person(my husband) will be there. Most importantly, you have someone to talked to. Its really crazy tho thinking that wow IM MARRIED? I myself did not believed it.

I put on weight! arghhh This is all because of the food my husband feed me.(this is the bad stuff happens in marriage) haha. Ohh well, Im happy and not healthy. I need to be fit back, all this fats are killing me. I become so lazy! Help if theres any tips to slim down, pls comment down below.

Photos? Soon okay.

I'll end here, i need to take a shower. Bye!


Hello! It has been so long kan tak tulis? okay, this is just a quick update what has happen to me for the past half a year of 2016.

1. I found love. IM MARRIED! Yes, you read it right! IM MARRIED to the person i met for 5 months hahahaha Jodoh nak kata apa kan...
2. I quit PALAPES. my love hate relations. Really sad to leave because of the experience, toughness and friends that i have make. We basically a big FAMILY! Happy to quit because i dont have to deal with pain, pressure and all the army drama. hahahaha 
3. I, now having my 2months off from uni(i should do this update earlier!) but will be going back to uni next week. Yey to assignments!
4. I will be blogging again. Yes this time im determine, but pls note that i will not be writing everyday, maybe once a week of twice a week. Depends on what im doing that week. Okay?
5. I'll see you in the next post! I will be updating dont worry!

See you!

Asasi Dinner + Bangkok Trips

Hi! As promised! Dinner a.k.a PROM photo's that you all been waiting for. This will also marks the end of my foundation school year. To add up some fun, after my asasi dinner the next day was my Bangkok trips with bunch of asasi lads. Our short vacay!

For the Dinner photo's you guys can check them out here:


Till the next trips! Bye!

Semester 3 + Asasi Family Day

Hi, Hello! Finally had a little time to write about something. Updates! Im currently in my final Asasi year, third semester. I cant wait to have that 3 month off from everything, literally can't wait. To start things off, last week my Asasians mate organise a Family day(part of our assessment). Its was so fun and i am NOT KIDDING! It was fun, idk maybe because it was our last semester and everyone is just trying to enjoy the last bits together. Owhh how im going to miss them! 99 of them!

Okay Bye! Prom Night coming up!