New year? New me?

Hi, I know this is a little bit late to write a new year post but ohh well. I writing now just to get back to what i love, blogging/telling you my stories. I don't know if i have followers that are still with me but i just need to write sometime. Its has been a year now Ive stop blogging, this is because I'm going back to "school" I mean universities. For all you who like to know, I'm know studying at Universiti Utara Malaysia(UUM) orThe Northern University Malaysia. For more info just googled it up! Im taking Foundation in Management and now Im in my second semester. So far uni life is quite fun and adventures. I actually love it! I love it because my uni is SO calm and its in a jungle. Ha ha The environment is so cool and huge. You practically live in nowhere but theres everything. I don't know how to describe it but you should totally come here and study!

Lets start with the same old wishlist/bucketlist thing.
Mine is just plain simple. My 2015 resolution is just work hard play hard!

Yesterday, my group and I did our English project that is, we have to interview a young entrepreneur. So we decide to go with Kafe Replete. Kafe Replete is located at Alor setar nearby to Tesco Mergong. We've set up an appointment with the owner of the cafe, it was Mr. Adam. He was very nice and look super busy. What we didn't expect is that he is young and successful! Imaging at 24, you have your own architect firm, A business company and a very well know cafe in Alor Setar. We were impress with his achievement and it really inspired us all, especially me! I think him and i have a lot of similarities, and now i really admired him as an idol. He give  a very good advices, a survival life advices that is truly something. He loss 200k at 22, if i was in his shoes ill probably shut down by that news. But he fight and work harder to achieve what he achieved now. And for that i Salute everything that he has done! ( Plus he's CUTE!)

I know you guys love pictures right?!
Us with Mr. Adam

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Thanks xx

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