Fashion Tips 101


The fashion industry is always changing its trends from one thing to another and it can be really hard for women to keep up. Some may try their best to keep in track while others stop following the trends all together. Because of this, this group of women will tend to make fashion mistakes in their wardrobe without even realizing it at all. There are many fashion mistakes that women keep making and should stop repeating all together. 

One of the most popular fashion mistakes that women kept making is over-accessorizing their outfits.  Accessories are great to spice up your wardrobe but wearing too much of it can definitely jeopardize your whole look. Avoid the crowded appearance by going simple and light with the needed accessories only. 

The second fashion mistake which women should stop repeating is wearing the leggings with a short top. Leggings can be designed with a stretchy transparent fabric and it is not a nice sight when someone else could see your underwear through them. The best way for women to solve this issue is by wearing a long top which covers the back of your legging pants.  Leggings are the perfect pants which can enhance your legs but wearing it the wrong way is definitely a NO-NO. Leggings are known to be a casual wear for women especially on their lazy day outs but sometimes it can turn out the wrong way. 

Another fashion mistake is wearing a tight buttoned shirt when you step out of the house. It is nice that you want to wear a piece of clothing which can enhance your curves but if the shirt is too tight until the buttons looks like they are about to come off, it definitely is not a good look. NOO!

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