Glory glory glory !


Hi, today is Tuesday and still holidaying. Yeah still i feel so bored, don't know what to. hmmmm ...... I was thinking of finding a job or something, probably a job. Yes! A job i will, maybe clothes shop, i love clothes so it's a match then. Hihi
Okay okay, now lets talk about the title, as you probably know today is the football match between Malaysia and Indonesia in the Sea games Indonesia 2011. Of cause you should know *if you're Malaysian Haha and guess what? we win! wooohooooo my country wins! Finally  I'm so proud to be Malaysian *kisses. If you visit my twitter, you can see the timeline full of me can't stop tweeting about the match. It's alot of fun, pressure, frust and yeah excitement! The player who made Malaysian proud are Baddrol Bakhtiar and Khairul Fahmi Che Mat as I call him apek because of his Chinese face. I started to like him, he is so handsome. Hihik. So here's some of the photos of today match, enjoy our glory Indonesian! Hehe


Here the coach of Harimau Muda

We win! woohoooo


So this is Apek that I was talking about, Hihi

Sorry I don't have much of the picture, maybe next time I post more pictures. Anyways glory Malaysia! You will always be in my heart.

Continue, today I'm not doing much, just stay in my room surfing the Internet with my sister laptop, facebooking, youtubing and forgot. Hihi and yeah playing with my cat. Her name is 'Chemot'. 'Chemot' means messy, why i call her messy? its because my sister brought her home, she was totally sick and her nose will drool and keep watering my sister house, that why we call her chemot. I wish i can show you her picture but right now i don't have her picture. hmm next time i guess :)

I have to end my writing now because I'm sleepy. Hehe So bye and please Ignore my English, I'm still learning :)

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