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Assalamualaikum ,
Lately I been watching many tutorials about make-up , D.I.Y , fashion and etc . And guess , I'm obsess with it ! I think tutorial are girls heaven , for me lah . tutorials right now is just my pit stop for any event am going or whatever . You simply can watch it in youtube and maybe you have wait a bit because of the buffer but i don't mind , i like watching even d'oh it takes me hours .
Recently , I watch this guys clothes encounters . I say them as fashionista , the rest I let you say . How do i describe them ? Their super awesome , cute , fashionable and so inspiring .I gain alot of tip from them . my fav vid of them is ... oh wait i don't have one because all are my fav . I almost finish watching their vids , i know I'm crazy , look like a stalker . I just love their style , vintage urban like . And i subscribe them and yeah i have youtube acc and yeah its new and yeahhh I'm totally lame . I totally recommend  you guys to watch them if you're like ;D
I also starting to read politic thingy , I like people talking banyak banyak . Politic make me think wider , out of the box , and yeah BERSIH ! ha ha .For me , i don't vote for any one or any political parties . i don't know , i young , i don't know much so wait until I'm 21 . Enough about that .

I guess that's all for today . I know people now day prefer pictures while reading blog , sorry not today .
I don't have fun pictures yet so hold on

Thank you

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