Hi, yesterday I didn't write because I'm sick. I got high fever, my body is shivering. Then my mama decide to take  me to the clinic but I'm to tired to get up so my mama just give me panadol and I just sleep until morning. Now is 11.07 a.m. and I'm feeling better, i can lift my head higher than yesterday. I home alone now because my  mama and sisters go to the new home am about to move next month. They do some cleaning. Since I'm not well, i didn't follow them. So yeah

okay, my face getting better. heeeee

Just then, i received my stuff that i buy online, i loike it, its KISS tee's.

here it is :)

Okay, a few days ago I buy a crop top and it cost me RM35! Expensive? I know, but i like it so much so I decide to buy it. A couple days ago too, I made my own mustache necklace, as i call it R.I.Y. If you don't know what it means, R.I.Y means Rock It Yourself. I learn making it from YouTube. Its fun and cost you nothing! You should totally try it!
what do you think ?

homemade mustache necklace :)

So what do you think? Hihi 
I guess that's all, thank you for reading. Bye 

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