Day 20 - Project Moustache


I know its been a long time since I post about the 100th day challenge and I was being a hypocrite to myself. I am sorry. I was so inspired by one of my readers that she comment of a post that i post about this challenge. She was inspire with my 100th challenge. Then I was so thankful and suddenly remind about this challenge so here we are today, continue what i left. Thanks Anonymous!

So here we Day 20, Project Moustache. I wasn't able to make some diy or craft since its a "Project" so I found a cute yet weird and interesting stuff online. Its about Project Moustache! Basically its a bout a guys who is growing and nurture is moustache. Its like keeping up with the kardashians(Moustache). Its hilarious if you follow up his daily post. So go check it out here!


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