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I'm so sorry for not writing for so long. Im still in the excited situation of no school. I was busy enjoying myself  LITERALLY! Now I'm back(I don't even know when im back actually) and some of you who may read or still follow me on my blog, you can see some changes I made(small changes) which took me only one day to do. Thanks to the Internet(Google and etc). I finally make my own banner that was not really hard, I though we have to use Photoshop or use complicated software to make it but actually I only use picmonkey to make my banner. You guys should totally try it! Besides the banner, I also clean up my blog so it look squiky clean and I decide to stick with old plain black and white(I know). I too also add some mini social icon where its more cuter and easy for you guys to click too. That's all for the SMALL changes. 
Sorry for who follow my blog and confuse of what my blog is about. I m sorry because i too don't know what my blog is about. I'm still experimenting things and i am now so i hope you guys don't be confuse. I love fashion mostly but I don't want my blog just to be about fashion because i love everything(that is seriously shit confusing). Okay! I'm going to post about everything! Now you can stop confusing. 
I'm off now. Wait for the next post okay?!


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