Quick Update: AFS LETTER


Wow, I know! It's been long I have not blog anything and for that I'm so soooooooo sorry! I truly am. I was busy with school and and mostly SCHOOL! God I hate school. Hahha As you all know, I'll be taking my SPM this year so that's explain why I'm so busy. So I just finished my mid-term exam and now I'm on 2 weeks vacation at home. Yey! lol. Okay now, for the title of this post, Its about my application to join the AFS programmes. I apply for it and the interview letter is here! I'm so excited to go for the second time. Yes, I have gone to the the interview last year and make it. I got to go to China, but the sad case is i check my email late, very late and I didn't have the chance to reply and go. This year, I'll try my luck again! I apply the year programmed to USA. Its has scholarship, so its good. So, I'll be stopping here. I will update you about the interview soon yah. :)

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