Day 18 - What Will You Do To Make World A Better Place?

I'm back with the 100th challenges as promise, you know how busy I was with my final exam and thank god its over! I so blessed and happy to live in this world. There's always something that amazed me in this world but there's also something that bother me. For example, The way people act like being racism and stuff that touch sensitivity in someone. Its not cool at all! For that I decided to make a short yet little list that for me is good enough to begin with on how I can make the world a better place. 

1.Being nice 
For example, Talking to someone nicely and politely. The simple things like that are very much appreciated by anyone!

2.Smile to everyone
I mean literally smile at everyone! By doing this its will make others happy as well!

3. Lastly, Don't litter! Be green!
You know our world is now changing for worst. Simply by throwing the rubbish in the dustbin and reuse anything that can be use again can change a lot for a greener earth!

xx, Fyah 

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