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Day 13 - Guilty Pleasure

My guilty pleasure is I love online shopping! I love surveying them for hours, put them on cart, and finally less then 2 second, as quick as the lightning I'm click "confirm to buy" and there goes my greens. I know, BAD BAD BAD HABIT BUT I LOVE IT TEEHEE :-P

Day 14 - A Picture Of The Best Moment Of Your Life

They are my Favorited girl! * Que music "Justin Bieber" Hehe. OMG, I miss them both! This picture were taken when I went back to my hometown last Summer. I remember, we were just chilling at Old Taste until late night, drink alot of ice lemon tea and laugh non stop! The best part of it is that I really enjoy this moment with my closest friends. LOL <3

Day 14 - Everything Inside Your Purse/Wallet/Handbag

From up to down: My purse, The inside, Cash, Bus tickets

So yeah, This is basically my purse. I used to use big wallet and purses but then I get annoy with emm because its bugging my hand alot when I do some shopping so I decide to find something smaller and compact that can fit some cash and my id and yes it can snug into my school uniform too. I love this purse so much because of the details on it. Its "Songket" like. 

Hello lovelies! So I have to combine everything up because I got no time. Yes this is what I'm afraid of, lack of commitment in doing something, I always do. I have my excuses, I mean I do. I'm a full time student BUT I better stop Babel-ling or else it might just bored everyone  Haha. I just want to say that I'm very sorry that I can't update according the days, I will try my best to update them ASAP. 

P/S; For day 12, I didn't post anything because I haven bake anything yet and yes you know why, I got no time. I will, surely update Day 12 in the future to show off my baking skills :-)

xx, Fyah

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