Day 8 - All Time Favorite Movies

An Education centers on a 17 year old English student named Jenny (Mulligan) who is trying to get into Oxford in the 1960’s. She works diligently and has top grades in her class. Everything in her life, every book she reads, every activity that she does, is to help her get in to Oxford. By chance, she meets a man named David (Sarsgaard), and he shows her a whole new side of life. He takes her to concerts, the racetrack, museums, and gives her a glimpse into the high life, full of excitement and luxury.

The Trailer

Carrie Mulligan is simply spectacular.

I love the clothes in this movie.

Bonjour! Its day 8 with Favorite Movie. My awesomely highly anticipated movie I've ever love and adored is An Education. I watch this movie not long ago, I think its last year. Ever since then, I have watch this movie like, more that 20 times! Are you serious? I'm not joking! Its true! Well, I'm just that person if I love something, I will stick with it forever.

My favorite line from the movie
"If you never do anything, you never become anyone"
- Jenny

Fyah, xx

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