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Hi lovelies! Ramadhan is here! So how's your ramadhan? Sorry for the late update, it's been  A WEEK now all the Muslim around the world fast. Sadly I'm not one of em. You know why, It's a girl thing. Anyway, This Ramadhan I didn't experience so Ramadhanish because yea I miss friend. Why? because for me having friends in this month can eratkan silaturahin I use to do every year. You know how much girls and girls hard to be nice with each other so yeah. Every Ramadhan me and my friends always plan a day out or evening out to break fast together, Ofcos the first day of Ramadhan I break fast with my family, same with my friends.Oh No! I forgot to tell you what is RAMADHAN! okay now, Ramadhan is simply Muslim all around the world have to fast for a month to show that we can be patience and understanding people who can even afford a cup of rice. For me lah :)

I haven have any plans yet for ramadhan as it's only a week of fasting, there 3 weeks more! Baju raya, shoe, everything I have not search for it yet. Actually i have search for it but then the plan become blurry and i don't even know. I was thinking of maybe... just maybe wearing a pair of skinnies and a big tees for hari raya but then it would not be sopan, So we just have to wait and see what am I going to wear for D-day :D

This is for my friends! But first, you want the good news or the bad news first? Lets go with Bad news okay girls :(
I not going back to Kluang this Raya. I'm celebrating it here in Kedah. Omg i just want to cry because i miss my friends alot. Hmm I'm sorry you guys :(

December school holiday I'll be home for a month! so it's totally a good news! I'll be having alot of time to hangout with you're guys! Wait for me okay!!!!

That's all for now, HAPPY RAMADHAN everyone <3


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