So Hi again, wow its been a long time I've not write anything in my blog and yes I'm alive.  Sooooo (of cos a long so) i come out with goals, fashion needs, gadgets that in need (more to personal need.hehe) that need to achieved in the future InsyaAllah. Its alot actually but i cant right all because its like 1001. hahha jk its just that I'm lazy. You know right

Started from this year i always complain about my hair. How ugly it is sooooooooo I decided to cut is off! Cut it off means cut real short like a boy. I was thinking to bold my hair, but then i'l be ashamed to got out wit no hair. Who doest right? haha Finally I found a suitable hairstyle for me which i have a round shape face. Yes ROUND! The name is is is is bowl cut bob hair. insyaallah it suits me. Ive seen this hairstyle like 2 years ago but don't have the guts yet back then to cut my hair that short so yes expecting that it will look well.                    

For your information, I've started playing skateboard. Yes SKATEBOARD. Its like 4month now and alhamdulillah I can play it well. I was thinking of buying a new board since my first board is already yank out. I've plan to buy Cool element board, but still surveying for cheaper one.

Cool Element

LAPTOP! I need this! okay, my dad promise me that he will buy it for me since I got 7A in my PMR exam. yes thank you :P but its like 6month now and i get nothing. So why i need it so much? well you know i have an online business, my sisters are all busy with their studies and work when I'm in form 4 than does nothing so I think this year is a good year for me to develop it to the next level. cehhhhhhh so yes laptop for me now is crucial!

I need my own cameras! well its just my personal need though. I fall in love with the concept camera and wifi. Who doest right? Its cool! You can take a picture than share it right away from your camera. well I would love to buy the samsung DV300F. Its so cool because it has duelview smart camera where you can see what you take a picture of your friends or yourself. Its 16 mega pixel enough for me. I don't care much about the quality of picture. So yeah i hope Il get this camera.

Well for fashion need, I need alot of shoe! That's all and yes I'm now addicted to earrings! :D

Some cool shoe's from SECRET :P

That's all for now. This is just a little update, sorry. Toddles

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