23 random facts about me

Hi. Today I'm gonna write a little bit about 23 random fact about me, so lets get started!
  1. I love being the last child. who doesn't? For me being the last child you got a lot of advantage than your other siblings. Mcm diorang kene menyalah lebih, and we the last child are save from trouble. The best part is you don't get blame! haha
  2. I got my first phone when i was 12. My Mom decided to buy me a phone because I always hang out with my friend and don't have a phone. My Mom was worried that i didn't call her. so yeah that's how i got a phone when I'm 12. I remember, the minute I got the phone I started to ask everybody number, including my soon to be boyfriend. that time haha its fun memory
  3. I have one best friend and still we are best friend. I'm grateful that I still have a best friend, she always by my side when I needed her.
  4. I love slow and make me high music. Slow song mostly attracts my ears, don't know why. Its like some kind well I think when I hear it, i feel like I'm in nirvana. crappppp!
  5. I love stalking people. Its true and I don't even give a damn! cermin diri sendiri :)
  6. I love listen to Zee Avi when I want to sleep. She is the talented artist I know, her musics is just sweet and calm and cool. that kind of music make me sleep all day!
  7. I love dressing up even tho aku kat kg. wakaka i don't know, I just love dressing up nicely, I love the fashion! fashion express myself. If you dont like it, its your problem dude!
  8. All my family call me baby .Kakak baby. Mak Cik Bie. and I loike so much . It make me feel I'm young forever!
  9. I think all my boy friends are gay. Idk, I don't have feelings for my guy friends, they're just don't catches my heart. Yet .....
  10. I love McDonald like amira ramli :P I'm lovin it :D
  11. I don't care what people think of me. Like i don't care! After a while I think, people say about you because you unic, theres nothing like you and i become confident with my self. I follow this quotes "‎"When I get said, I stop being sad and be AWESOME instead. TRUE STORY!" - Barney Stinson 
  12. I don't like bear or cute things. One word : Menyepahkan!
  13. I hate cooking
  14. I hate doing chores
  15. I love eating !!
  16. I'm good in history. I just good at it, I think because I like the teacher who teaches me. they are all nice, they're like my second mother, love them so much :)
  17. I have a crush at someone but itsssssss a secret :P and yea its still a SECRET! LOL
  18. I love watching tutorials. I just love it. I can learn to do this, to do that. I can get great tips from it about dressing up, make-up everything Lah
  19. I have never been in a serious relationship. seriously I never! like monkey love is often, but no serious thingy relationship. Because I don't know how to :P
  20. I'm obsess with vintage style. You know me, if you look at FB album You can see I love dressing vintagely. I fall in love with it. vintage for me is dressing bold and dont care what people say. So yeah
  21. I can't leave a day without my phone eventho i don't often check my phone. I don't know why? haha
  22. I love bebelling. Bebel means making noise or mad at people without any particular reason. My family love making noise so is no excuse for me :P
  23. Internet is my life. Internet is where I connect with my family and friends. Another reason is because I own a blogshop so yeah Internet is important to me to do business, connecting with buyers. Internet also provide me alot of knowledge about the world like news, music and etc. So yeah
Now you know about me a bit right? I hope so :) So any question just leave at the comment below k
Thanks for reading!

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